Get to Know Us!

We are a part of Solar Records, founded by Dick Griffey in 1977. We're known for our contributions to R&B and funk music

Where It All Began

Our journey started with a commitment to support talented artists in soul, funk, and R&B. Under Dick Griffey’s leadership, Solar Records became a hub for creative music, making artists very successful. One key moment was when we signed Shalamar, a group with catchy songs like “A Night to Remember” and “The Second Time Around. Now, we’ve joined forces with Lenostube to find new ways to boost our artists’ music and help them achieve even greater success.

Our family grew with artists like The Whispers, Lakeside, Midnight Star, and Dynasty, each bringing their unique style. The Whispers had smooth harmonies and hits like “And the Beat Goes On.” Midnight Star used new technology in their R&B music

Dick Griffey passed away in 2010, but his legacy continues to shine through our music. Today, Solar Records keeps its history alive and looks forward to the future. We’re proud to be part of a label that defined an era in music. We are excited to support new talent and continue the great work started by Dick Griffey and our legendary artists.

I’ve found that no matter what life throws at me, music softens the blow!

Dick Griffey